Court Reporter - Court Administration
Cumberland County, PA

Posted March 20, 2019

Employment Type Full-time, Non-exempt

Compensation $46,293.00 annually

Company Cumberland County, PA

Location 1 Courthouse Square
Carlisle, PA 17013



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To take and transcribe stenographic records of all court proceedings and to prepare court orders and other related proceedings with a high degree of accuracy.  


  • Takes and transcribes verbatim all court proceedings at trials and hearings.
  • Prepares court orders, sentencings and other documents ordered by lawyers and judges and transcribes official court proceedings upon request.
  • Marks, retains and controls all evidence introduced in court.
  • Maintains orders, documents and correspondence from all court proceedings.
  • Answers phones and directs callers to proper individual or department.
  • Prepares transcripts and uses database for tracking transcript requests and stages of process.
  • Operates computer and other stenographic and office equipment.
  • Coordinates schedules to ensure all court proceedings are equipped with stenographer.
  • Prepares lists of exhibits for Court Administrator1. and Clerk of Court and also lists of exhibits entered during criminal hearings for Clerk of Courts.
  • Types opinions dictated from bench.
  • Attends meetings or training sessions as required.
  • Performs other job related duties as required.
  • Must be a member of NCRA and obtain required number of CEUs as required by AOPC (paid for by the county).

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • 2-year degree in court reporting training and certification.
  • Must be proficient working with computers.
  • 2-4 years experience in legal environment.
  • Must possess excellent listening and typing skills.
  • Must possess ability to accurately transcribe recordings and proceedings within the required time frame.
  • Must possess knowledge of the form and content of legal documents and also legal terminology.
  • Must possess knowledge of courtroom procedures, rules of evidence and methods of court reporting.
  • Must possess excellent skills in typing, shorthand, steno machines and computers, and ability to transcribe with speed and accuracy.
  • UNIFORM RULES GOVERNING COURT REPORTING AND TRANSCRIPTS - Rule 4004. Qualifications of Court Reporters and Court Recorders (A) No person shall be employed or utilized by a court as a court reporter or court recorder unless approved by the president judge or his or her designee as meeting the minimum criteria set forth in subdivision (B)(1), (B)(2), or (C) except (1)those persons already employed or utilized by a court at the time of the adoption of these rules or
  • (2) those court reporters who hold and maintain a professional certification. (B) The minimum criteria for qualification of a court reporter, for both stenographic and voice writing, are the following: (1) stenographic requirements: the court reporter is capable of recording proceedings at a 95% accuracy level at the following speeds: (a) literary at 180 w.p.m. (b) jury charge at 200 w.p.m. (c) testimony and question and answer at 225 w.p.m.
  • (2) voice writing requirements: the court reporter is capable of recording proceedings at a 95% accuracy level at the following speeds: (a) literary at 200 w.p.m. (b) jury charge at 225 w.p.m. (c) two-voice question and answer at 250 w.p.m.
  • (C) The minimum criteria for qualification of a court recorder are the following: (1) full familiarity with the controls of the electronic audio or audio-visual equipment; (2) adequate hearing acuity to assure a high quality recording; (3) insistence on clarity of the recording; (4) ability to quickly diagnose and correct routine malfunctions; (5) proficiency in note taking; and (6) understanding of courtroom procedures and vocabulary.
  • (D All persons employed or utilized by a court as a court reporter or court recorder, including those employed or utilized prior to the adoption of these rules, shall be re-qualified as meeting the above criteria at least every three (3) years.
  • (1) Court reporters shall be requalified every three (3) years upon completion of thirty (30) hours of continuing professional education which has been properly accredited or certified by the National Court Reporters Association. Proof of attendance shall be submitted to the president judge or his or her designee.
  • (2) Court recorders shall be requalified every three (3) years. The president judge may rely upon reports of the district court administrator and the judicial district’s judges and quasi-judicial officers to determine whether the requirements set forth in subdivision (C) are satisfactorily met. Those reports must be based on recent courtroom experience and a review of work products (e.g., lists, log notes, CD recordings) for accuracy, timeliness and quality.
  • (E) Any person who fails to meet the minimum criteria at the time of requalification shall be given six months to comply. Anyone who fails to comply with this subdivision shall be prohibited from serving as a court reporter or court recorder.

  • Dental Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)